Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ginger Bread House

I went to my parents house for Family Home Evening & to make Gingerbread houses. (Kam had to work). Tyler is on Winter Break so his good Friend Jamaal came over to spend the night. My dad, Jamaal & Tyler read the Christmas Story in Luke 2 from the Bible and sang Christmas songs. We had a Blast, & the boys learned a lot!
Jamaal, Taeya, Tyler

"Doing Good!"

My front door melted! =(

Carter kept eating the decorations!
The finale!
The Earthquake! (I thought Vegas didn't have these!?!?)
TOROS #1 (Toros is the name of Tyler & Jamaals travel team for baseball & basketball, Coached by my dad)Gma Dana & the Boys!

After a long night of building the house, the boys settled down to watch the Christmas story, & enjoy popcorn!


lauren said...
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lauren said...

carter is so cute he wants to be a big boy soo bad!

Anonymous said...

how fun! I love the picture of carter with the boys eating popcorn..he looks so grown up. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

KAMERON said...

that is the cutiest sad face i have ever seen what was i thinking you make my heart melt babe just like your door miss ya